16 Ways To Love Yourself

16 Ways To Love Yourself

I wrote this article in the spirit of my new course called I Am Love. Loving yourself should be a natural thing for everyone to do. However, if you are a people pleaser and over-giver like I use to be then it didn’t come too natural to you.

I was having a conversation with my love last night about this very topic. I started to really love myself and care for myself since my deep depression. Now, when people come at me with very negative or selfish energy I remove myself.

Now, I care too much about my sanity, my health, my mindset, and my energy to allow anyone to take that from me. I finally figured out how to balance pleasing and giving to my loved one’s without taking from myself.

You can do the same thing.

Here are 16 ways you can love yourself:

    1. Build your self esteem


    1. Careless what others think of you


    1. Journal


    1. Learn to say no when you mean no


    1. Respect yourself and your values


    1. Learn to love yourself for all that you are; the good and the bad


    1. Tap into your power


    1. Meditate


    1. Spend some alone time with yourself


    1. Stop comparing yourself to other people


    1. Take care of your outer self


    1. Treat yourself every now and then to your favorite spot


    1. Dress Yourself


    1. Spoil yourself with therapeutic remedies


    1. Put a little make up on that beautiful face 


  1. Join the I Am Love 7 Day Course

In the comments below, let me know another way you show love to yourself.


Hello love! I am a blogger and writer here to help you to kick those bad feelings in the ass and assist you with your personal growth. I am here to share my lessons I’ve learned with you so you can love and learn yourself even more than you did yesterday.

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