6 things you can do to get through the dark days of depression

6 things you can do to get through the dark days of depression

6 things you can do to get through the dark days of depressionWhen you start to sink into depression you will know it. It feels like this black cloud comes over you and you feel trapped in negativity. Everything you think and feel becomes negative. Now, I do not suffer from clinical depression (as stated by a therapist). I was diagnosed with situational depression.

Situational depression can turn into clinical depression if ignored. Situational depression means I become depressed when there are several traumatic life-changing events occur back to back. Here is a great resource for the depression.

PLEASE get help when you know you are depressed. Especially, when you get to the point of thinking about disappearing, dying, or killing yourself. PLEASE!

I did seek help with dealing with my depression so that it wouldn’t get worse. Mental health is no joke and pride shouldn’t stop anyone from receiving the help you need to heal yourself. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with cheat sheets nor a book. We are figuring it out as we go. Along with this post, I’ve written about how you can find happiness after depression and 16 ways of loving yourself.

Okay, back to six things you can do to get through the dark days of depression…

Besides speaking to a professional, you can do the following to make yourself feel better instantly. I am sharing these suggestions because they worked for me.

1. Get out of that house and change your environment.

When the darkness is taking over we tend to keep ourselves in the dark literally. We stay in our room or house for long periods of time. We act as vampires and avoid light, people, or anything that says, “let’s be happy“. We swim in the funk of our feelings.

This is the time to tap into that willpower that you have deep down inside of you. This is that time you CONVINCE yourself to get your ass out of that bed and out of that house and go for a walk.

Why? Because that sun is going to hit your beautiful face. You can walk with a friend or by yourself. I tend to use this time to listen to my music (positive music) with my earphones. I usually go where there is more nature than people. You don’t have to speak to anyone. You don’t have to fake a smile. Just zone out and do this for you because you know you need it to feel better in the moment.

Suggestions of places to go or activities to do:

  •  swim
  • a hike
  • gym
  • shopping
  • the park
  • boat ride
  • car ride

2. Give life.

So I’ve always wanted to grow a garden, but I have killed a plant or two at my younger age. It was recommended in an article such as this to plant flowers or plants when you are depressed. So I tried it. I went to my local dollar store and purchased gloves, shovel, a few pots, pot stands, dirt, seeds, and a little table, and a watering can.

It is something about your hands in the soil while the sun is shining on your face that feels good. As you see in this photo I took a few years ago I also have my tea. I would sit outside with my little babies almost every day.

3. Talk to someone who is sensitive, a good listener and whom you trust.

Not everyone is great listeners. Not everyone can be sensitive towards the inner feelings and thoughts that come from someone who is depressed. Not everyone can understand.

If you want to take a shot at speaking to someone you trust please do. Because when you are feeling down too much self-talk isn’t good. Nine times out of ten your self-talk is negative. You need someone who can uplift you and understand you at the same time.

I didn’t have that available to me so I sought out a professional and it was the best decision I made while I was going through my depression.

4. Calm your thoughts and emotions with mediation.

Meditation allows you to calm down your thoughts (it takes a lot of practice to quiet them down altogether). Deep breathing allows you to relax your body. Which is so beneficial right now because your body is so tense.

Meditation is a practice that helped you to focus, center and aligning yourself within. Meditation, in my opinion, allows you to calm your thoughts and emotions towards those problems you might be having at the point and time.

I recommend you create a daily schedule to start out. I got up every morning and meditated on my sun porch. I loved feeling the breeze through the window and hearing the birds chirping while the sun beat on my face as I sat there Indian style with my eyes closed.

If you’re more active, I recommend you trying yoga.

5. Whip out your journal.

Journaling helped me get my thoughts and feelings out at any given moment. It was as easier to share my day-to-day situations and thoughts in therapy because I have written everything down. I recommend you get it all down on paper and don’t hold back.

Write when you’re sad.

Write when you’re in deep thought.

Write when you’re happy.

That way you can get it off your chest and release it all. Our emotions are extremely high and we are very sensitive when we are in a depressive state. We are judging our feelings. Our emotions are going up, down and sideways. My best advice for instant release is to write it all down.

6. Do something creative.

I found it comforting to set the mood while I painted. Candles were lit while soft music played in the background. I had all my tools laid out before me and most of the time I would just freestyle. I usually did this at night time before I went to bed. It was extremely calming to me.

Doing something creative tends to help release all the interesting things we think about and tell ourselves. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t try to talk yourself out of feeling better. Tap into that willpower that you have and just take action.


In your darkest day ask yourself one question, “what can I do right now for myself that will make me feel good in a healthy way?

As you see in this post taking action will help relieve you of the darkness.

Now it’s your turn. Please leave me a comment below on what your dark days look like and you will commit to doing to feel better.

Hello love! I am a blogger and writer here to help you to kick those bad feelings in the ass and assist you with your personal growth. I am here to share my lessons I’ve learned with you so you can love and learn yourself even more than you did yesterday.

9 thoughts on “6 things you can do to get through the dark days of depression”

  • Hi Girl , Very well written ! Everyone should follow these ways to overcome depression . It’s really a self-improving post.Thanks for sharing .

  • I find the best way to cope is by distracting your thoughts as soon as they happen. Sometimes the funk can be persistent but you need to be resilient. I like to try and involve my mind in something that requires complete focus and attention like drawing or painting. Some form of art or a hobby is great, the more time you invest, I feel you” have more positive experiences coming out from finishing what you’re working on.

  • I really appreciate your blog and the way you discuss depression. Often, when people discuss depression, they don’t write with empathy like you do. It can be hard for a depressed person to imagine becoming active, but you suggest it in a way that it seems possible. I like your blog 🙂

  • Hi what a really great post – thank you. I agree with you that getting outside, even if it’s a walk around the block. Gardening and growing plants has made such a difference to my mental health and wellbeing – even sitting looking at greenery seems to make a difference. I am recovering from situational depression with chronic anxiety. Mindfulness has really helped too. I’ll share this in some groups I’m a member of good. I hope you have a good weekend 🙂 lots of love Bec (from Manchester in the UK)

  • This is such an important post. When I was at uni I only ever left my room if I had class and I convinced myself that leaving the house for any other reason was a waste of time because I could be studying but if I had forced myself to get some fresh air and change my environment my grades, mental health and physical health would have improved so much more. Thank you for sharing x

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