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About Us

Welcome to I AM LOVE xo

I AM LOVE is here for YOU. A New York life coaching service and resource for you to move away from depression and anxiety and gain insight and receive the support you need to create the life you desire.

I believe with support and a ton of self-love and care you can get through the dark days.

Situational depression is a short-term form of depression that can occur in the aftermath of various traumatic changes in your normal life, including divorce, retirement, loss of a job and the death of a relative or close friend. Doctors sometimes refer to the condition as an adjustment disorder.

My Approach

If you want true happiness, abundance, prosperity, and peace know that it starts and ends with you. It takes you making a decision today, right now to change your life and get the help you to reach the beauty and power within you. You are not your situations or circumstances around you. You are so much more.

My Story

In 2014, I fell back into a deep depression that I couldn’t get myself out of because I was battling myself. I’ve dealt with depression a few times throughout my life. However, this time was different.

My issue was that I was afraid of using my voice and standing up for myself and my self-worth. I wasn’t truly happy with myself, my marriage, or my life. I truly sat there and waited for someone to pick me up and make my life okay.

Well, I was sitting for two years. I was in such a dark place that everything in my life had to come to an end and I had to start over in a healthy way.

I soon realized that I had to pick myself up and dust myself off. I made a conscious decision to stop being the victim and start creating the life I desire. It wasn’t an easy road and I reached out to people to help me. However, I discovered a lot on my own. I decided to become a life coach to guide you through creating your new life for yourself.

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