How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can lead down a dangerous road in life. You will witness yourself in crazy circumstances. You will place yourself around people who don’t know your self-worth. You will do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do if you was confident in who you are.

I know this from experience as well as witnessing everyone else around me. Also, by observing everyone in the media. People in the media bleed low self-esteem. Do you truly think they are happy because they got a tummy tuck and butt implants?

Think about it.

What happens when that flat stomach starts to get bigger again because they aren’t working out? What is the immediate feeling or thoughts that come to their mind?

Stop comparing yourself to others.


There is no one else like you and that is not only unique but it is 100% awesome. It’s okay to admire for who they are or what they have. In the process of admiring them always be thankful for who you are and where you in your life and what you have.

If you want to change something about yourself, change.

If you want to obtain material objects, then obtain it.

If you want to dress or look a certain way on the outside you can very well do that.

No matter how much money you make, materials you obtain, or changes you make to your body you will still feel the same way inside.


Only people who aren’t secure within themselves compare themselves to others. As if they lack because someone else has something they want.

You do NOT lack anything.

You are your ONLY limitation.

You are PERFECT the way you are.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

Now if your peers, parents, family, friends, spouse, ex-spouse told you that you aren’t perfect.

I want you to say I AM PERFECT out loud every time the words they said to you creeps up in your mind.

Only YOU have to believe in yourself.

Only YOU have to believe that you are perfect the way you are.

Only YOU have to be grateful for the life you’ve been blessed with.

Learn to say NO.


Ahhh, the word NO was once my kryptonite.

I was such the people pleaser and the other giver when I was a young child. I was easily manipulated and bullied into doing things I knew weren’t right. In my teens and early 20’s, I became a hard ass and a bitch. I didn’t trust people and No was my favorite word. For some reason when I got married I turned back into that young girl who was easily manipulated and a over-giver. I seriously needed balance and I found it.

Know that it is totally okay to say No to people.

Be okay with putting yourself and needs first before others.

Know that you are worthy and you deserve to take care of yourself first before others.

Do you believe in what I am saying to you?

Think about it.

If you have a terrible head cold. Can you take care of people without feeling sluggish or weak? Can you give them 100%?


That is how it is what you have low self-esteem.

You aren’t 100% and you are trying to give more of yourself to others.

Epic fail.

Respect yourself and your values.

You are intelligent.

You are wise.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

You have to believe that you are worthy of any and all good things.

You don’t deserve to be in a negative relationship.

You don’t deserve to be disrespected.

What do you value about yourself?

Again, all you have to do is know and believe.

In conclusion, recognize the power you have within you. Surround yourself around the right people and places that make you happy. Make wise decisions for yourself. Put yourself first and take care of yourself. Know your worth. Take life one day at a time. By doing these things and cutting out bad patterns you will boost your self esteem.


Please share with me what keeps you from believing in yourself. Was it something someone said? Was it something someone did? And how are you going to make a change today?

Hello love! I am a blogger and writer here to help you to kick those bad feelings in the ass and assist you with your personal growth. I am here to share my lessons I’ve learned with you so you can love and learn yourself even more than you did yesterday.

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