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How to care for yourself and your home?

How to care for yourself and your home?

Since having my daughter I feel I need to be all about living a healthier lifestyle so I can be with her for years to come.

So within, so without. So above, so below. 

Care for your mind and body: The two things missing from my life right now is commitment and a personal ritual. I am very spiritual and my ritual usually consists of me walking in nature a few times a week or daily, daily meditation, work out at least three times a week and practicing mindful thinking.

This helps me become balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally on a daily basis. I tend to be at peace and level-headed enough to take on whatever I am dealing with that day or week. Here are 16 ways to love yourself if you’re looking for other ideas on what you can do to take care of yourself.

Let me know in the comment section what is it you’re currently missing that you need to adopt right now in order for you to take better care of your mind and body.

Care for your home, family, and health: Recently, I hopped on this webinar to learn about this online wellness company. I was totally impressed with this online wellness company. Not only were they providing safe cleaning products (very important when you have toddlers roaming around putting everything in their mouth), but also food, snacks, beauty products, discounts to my favorite stores, and more.

I joined for $19 a year so I can get the discounted prices (totally worth it!). It was cheaper than ordering their products on Amazon or their store as a non-member. Their products are even cheaper than Whole Foods, my local co-op, GNC, and Vitamin World. You can’t beat that!

Most importantly, all my products and food will be delivered to me at my door. So there is no lugging bags and my 8-month-old to the store, home, and up the stairs to my apartment. The box sits on my porch and I bring it to my home and put it away. So I save myself time and less stress by ordering 50% of what I purchase monthly.

This wellness online store benefits are:

  • Health conscious
  • Knowledgeable ( this wellness company is very hands-on with educating you about their products and ingredients)
  • Affordable (comparable to Walmart)
  • Shipping is convenient and it cuts down on travel, traffic, and lugging bags and babies.
  • All natural ingredients (let’s live healthier and safely)
  • Safe products (oh yeah!)

I’ve replaced all chemical cleaning products, facial products, breakfast, and snack food for less than $100. Another bonus with this company is that you can actually earn up to $100 to learn more about the products by watching videos (no lie!). After your first purchase, you may redeem your money.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I plan to put in my cart every 2-3 months: less than $100 (48 points)

Regular Preferred Member
Qty Item Points Price Price Savings
Delectables Premium Caramels
Size: 6.35 oz.
 0  $15.00 $0.00 $15.00
Delectables Gourmet Hot Cocoa – Salted Caramel
Size : 13.4 oz
 0  $10.00 $0.00 $10.00
Revive Reusable Spray Bottle (Empty)—Pink Salt & Water Lily
Size: 1 bottle | Item 3905
 0  $2.99 $2.99 $0.00
Lemon Brite® Hand Dishwashing Liquid
Size  16 fl. oz. | Item 2854
 2  $5.50 $3.79 $1.71
Sol–U–Guard Botanical® 2x Spray Bottle
Size: 1 bottle | Item 8901
 0  $1.49 $1.49 $0.00
MelaPower®6x Detergent—Garden Lavender 96–load (Pump sold separately)
Size: 48 fl. oz. | Item 5546
 10  $25.00 $17.49 $7.51
Clear Power® Mixing Spray Bottle
Size: 1 bottle | Item 1213
 0  $1.49 $1.49 $0.00
Affinia® Facial Cleanser Toner
Size: 5.07 fl. oz. | Item 5281
 4  $9.50 $6.39 $3.11
Whitening Tooth Polish 3–Pack Save $1.18
Size : 3 products | Item 5034
Configuration # 1[EDIT][COPY][REMOVE]
  • Cool Mint with Fluoride
  • Koala Pals® Tooth Gel Berrylicious
  • Whitening Tooth Polish—Cinnamon
 5  $15.00 $10.49 $4.51
Breath-Away® Mouth Rinse—Fresh Mint
Size: 16 fl. oz. | Item 3714
 3  $8.50 $5.89 $2.61
Sheer Confidence Antiperspirant & Deodorant—Perfect Powder
Size: 2 oz. | Item 2464
 4  $12.00 $7.58 $4.42
Affinia® Moisturizing Shampoo
Size: 12 fl. oz. | Item 4152
 3  $7.50 $4.99 $2.51
Affinia® Moisturizing Conditioner
Size: 12 fl. oz. | Item 4155
 3  $7.50 $4.99 $2.51
SELECT Attain® Nutrition Bar—Chocolate Peanut Granola
Size: 6 bars | Item 8969
 14  $40.00 $27.98 $12.02
48  $161.47 $95.56 $65.91
Preferred Member Savings | Your savings this order:  $65.91

I don’t purchase my cleaning and beauty products every month totally $65 at 35 points. Every month I will re-up on food, snacks, vitamins, diet shakes and bars.

Joining this wellness company was the best decision I have made toward a healthier lifestyle and I am thankful I was introduced to it.

Love, I hope for you to have a peaceful week. Looking forward to chatting with you in the comment section.

Hello love! I am a blogger and writer here to help you to kick those bad feelings in the ass and assist you with your personal growth. I am here to share my lessons I’ve learned with you so you can love and learn yourself even more than you did yesterday.


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