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Poem: Leaving a Narcissist

Poem: Leaving a Narcissist

Poem Leaving a NarcissistStorylines

False masks

Pretty pictures

Perfect words

You played the victim behind the mask

Fake tears

False promises

All lies

Left doubts and insecurities

Consciously aware of the harm you caused

I was about us

You was about you

You portrayed to be someone you were not

We were your fools

You took advantage

I created space

You apologized

I forgave you over and over again

You sold me a dream

I wore rose-colored glasses

I had hope as the cycle continued

I lived in the recent past and feared the future

You lived in the future focused on your mission

I was down to do the work

You was down for you

You made me believe you’d change

Until I discovered more of your dirt

Come to find out you will always be all about you

You built our family on lies

I got tired of trying

So I packed your bags and sent you to the one person you’d never let down


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