She’s Here!

She’s Here!

Welcoming home Paige Zoe Lanier!!

After 50 hours of labor and delivery, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 23, 2017, at 7:11 am weighing in at 7lbs. 14 oz. 19.5 inches long.

My pregnancy was an interesting one and I haven’t written anything for over a month because this past month was even more interesting. My spouse and I have been going through spiritual counseling for the past two-three months. Really trying to get our shit together because our daughter came into this world. We will continue counseling for the time being because life is all about progress. I feel we are on the same page as far as what each other needs from the other. I also feel we understand that we have our differences and it is important to be kind and understanding when it comes to our many differences. There is so much power in working towards a lifetime with someone.

Everything happens for a reason! Due to this, I will be working on my book and getting it complete by April 1st. I just want to put out into the universe because it has been on hold for almost a year.

Now back to my babygirl, below are current photos of all three of us. Being a first-time mom is exhausted but it is only day 9 right now. Shit, even pregnancy was exhausting for me. We feel blessed to have our baby girl home with us. It still don’t feel real at times. I am a mother.

Paige has given both of us the drive to push forward with our dreams and desires so we can create a happy and abundant environment for her and ourselves.

So please enjoy the photos below. Stay tuned to my book coming out within the next three months. And please come back for the next post.













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